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About Ryan Gillespie

I'm obsessed with people and their environment. The interaction between the two, particularly the more destructive and undesirable aspects, fascinate me. Nowhere is that interaction seemingly more active than in metropolitan areas. Living in a place that changes in attitudes and landscapes so quickly appeals to my sense of wonder. I suppose that in some ways it makes photography "easier" for me.

I enjoy walking for miles and shooting along the way. If there's a street I haven't been on before, I want to take it. Sometimes the general area is preset, but the subject of the photo almost always isn't. My camera aches for what feels like discovery.

I'm a San Francisco resident shooting nearly daily. My main gigs tend to be working online in a design and development capacity. It's a living.

My email is .

Ryan Gillespie First Camera: 1984 Fisherprice Kodak 110

My first camera. Browse 6-year old Ryan's Israel 1986 series