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American culture and the automobile are inexorably linked. So, too, is my camera to them.

Growing up you're always exposed to remnants of your elders' generation. I spent my formative years primarily in the late 80s and 90s and car design was pretty awful. My parents' and grandparents' generation of cars, however, had style and creativity oozing from even some of the budget-minded production lines.

The east coast weather tore through the undercarriage of most of these beasts by the time I was taking shooting seriously. With my move to San Francisco, my eye couldn't help but notice the higher density of cars dating back to an era where car design had almost nothing to do with gas mileage.

Chasing down cars is now instinctual. Some of them I see so frequently around the city that I feel like personifying them. "Hey, Mr. Dart. I see you're at work today. Great parking spot you have there! Plenty of sun to warm up those seats."