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There's a love/hate relationship I have with mobile photography. On the one hand, it's opened up my eyes to shots I wouldn't have explored otherwise and because it's always on me, I almost never miss a shot. That said, it's rife with technical limitations, the most glaring of which being the resolution. It's sad to know some shots I'm really proud of will never get to see a print size larger than 4x6.

I love how unassuming a mobile phone is. It can enter society without being this noticeably intrusive force, because while everyone knows that a cell phone is also a camera these days, people don't look at that as its primary purpose. And without that distinction, people don't react to it like they would a camera. It's the camera that wasn't there.

I've become fascinated with a side effect of mobile photography as well. Because of its line-by-line video exposure, you have bending and curvature in bright light. Unfortunately, it does make shooting motion blur impossible unless there's low light.

I'm currently shooting with a Google Nexus One phone.