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The Mission

The Mission, sometimes shortened to the Mish due to its explosive cool factor, is the home to San Francisco's largest Mexican and hispanic population. That means it has the best burritos. But the Mission is also home to a large group of young artistic types. And pot heads. Lots of pot heads here. It's frequently slammed for its overabundance of hipsters, anti-trend trendsetters and aggro cyclists. Residents of the Mission often don't want to leave it. A strange, unhealthy attachment disorder exists in many of its inhabitants. It can be an inexpensive place to live if you don't mind roommates. I drink here. A lot.

Visually speaking, the Mission has a lot to offer. Old architecture, bustling streets, fantastic street art, elevation for city views and, my favorite, some real character and grittiness. The condo developers probably salivate over the gentrification possibilities here.

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